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The food at Weddings just keeps getting better

We held our wedding at Limoneira’s La Campana field and are so thankful we had Jason and Jocelyn as a part of our event. We wouldn’t have found the location without Jason. We first fell in love with Plated Events when Jason shared his belief in ‘farm to table,’ as well as, his relaxed and confident, yet professional demeanor.

Throughout the planning process, I mainly worked with Jocelyn, Jason’s wife and partner in the business. Like Jason, Jocelyn is very relaxed, helpful, and accommodating. Their authentic kindness and ability to help us put together our wedding that didn’t feel like it came straight from a bridal factory was more important to us when compared with other vendors.

Now to the food. It was exceptional. I think it is too often we are removed from our food source, so finding Jason was a dream for us. Our tasting was held on Limoneira’s farm. This is a real farm, not a perfectly manicured petting zoo farm, but a farm that has used tractors, hard-working people, and dust (although not in the food). We loved it! Jason is a great chef and being foodies we probably gave him more input than most of his clients, but he did not disappoint. Our tasting was perfect and our friends who are even bigger foodies are still raving about it. A friend facebooked this: “I love getting older. The food at weddings just keeps getting better.” Our menu: -Sweet mix salad tossed with Limoneira blood orange segments, Mcgrath brother’s strawberries, gorgonzola, and candied pecans, finished with a blood orange vinaigrette. -Asparagus sautéed with panko, lavender, and grated asiago. -Handmade raviolis filled with butternut squash and tossed in a brown butter Ojai medicinal sage sauce. -Vegan paella *vegetarians only -Pork roast slow cooked in a honey glaze and Limoneira citrus. -Prime tri-tip slowly smoked over cherry wood chips.

Yum!    Amira


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